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Treasurer's Office

District Treasurer
Grant Amyx

Assistant Treasurer - Accounting
Susie Deatley

Assistant Treasurer - HR
Courtney Moore

A Note from the Treasurer...  
The goal of the Treasurer's webpage is to provide transparency on Fairfield finances and numerous resources for Fairfield staff.  Please check monthly updates located in BoardDocs. Also, reach out to me or stop by the District Office with any questions.   The links below contain additional information and links.  

What is the Role of the Treasurer? 
The Treasurer works with the Superintendent, Board of Education, and Administrative Team to spend taxpayer money efficiently while putting student needs first. The Treasurer's office of a school district is responsible for all district finances including financial reporting, payroll processing, bill payment, investments, debt, federal/state compliance, budgeting, asset protection, and the security of public money.
The Treasurer reports directly to the Board of Education and provides monthly updates at their public meetings. The Treasurer files numerous reports to the Department of Education throughout the year to maintain compliance and obtain funds. The Insurance Committee is facilitated by the Treasurer to procure and recommend health, dental, vision, and life insurance for our staff. The Treasurer is also responsible for protecting the district's property by obtaining high quality liability/property/auto insurance.