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Student Work Permits

WORK PERMITS are required in Ohio for any student (under 18)

Forms can be obtained in the District Office (8am to 3pm) or you may print using the link(s) below.


Application for Minor Work Permit

Physician's Certificate for Minor Work Permit



  1. Student/Applicant Information
    1. Student/parent completes all information
    2. Parent must sign
  2. Pledge of Employer
    1. Employer completes this section
    2. ALL fields are required
    3. Must have Tax ID number
    4. Employer must sign
  3. Physical
    1. Must provide a copy of a current physical (within 1 year) or have a complete physical.
      • If you play sports, the Athletic Director should have a copy
    2. If you must get a physical:
      • Physician completes “PHYSICIAN’S CERTIFICATE…”
      • Physician must sign
  4. Birth Certificate
    1. Must provide a copy of original birth record
    2. You can request one in the High School office or bring from home


After all of the above items are completed and obtained, bring documents to the District Office for review and approval.  The information must be entered into the State's Department of Commerce website portal and a "Work Permit" will be issued.


QUESTIONS…call District Office at 937-780-2221