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While quality education is our core business value, Fairfield Local Schools is also fully committed to the health and safety of all faculty, staff, students and visitors.  The district believes that occupant safety and a healthy environment are important factors in the functioning of the total educational program.

Administration accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment and employees are expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices. Safety and health in our schools must be a part of every operation.  Without question, it is every employees responsibility at all levels.

PublicSchoolWORKS provides integrated programs and services that minimize environmental, health and safety risks to our district community, including:

  • Online reporting of accidents, blood/chemical exposures, safety hazards, and more.
  • Online staff safety training.
  • Online access to district safety plans, procedures and forms.
  • Employee telephone access to Material Safety Data Sheets and chemical safety specialists.
  • And much more!

PublicSchoolWORKS will help us:

  • Drive down our Workers’ Compensation costs.
  • Keep our employees at work.
  • Lower our healthcare expenses.
  • Reduce our time and effort to complete required tasks.
  • Sustain an effective safety and regulatory compliance program.

This program has been built by public school officials specifically for public schools.  This system will improve our health and safety programs and thereby help us gain greater control of our healthcare costs – which will mean more dollars available in the district for new benefit, safety and educational programs.


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and document needs.

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