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LPDC & Master Teacher

LPDC - Program Outline and Steps (PowerPoint Presentation)

LPDC Forms:


Master Teacher
Master Teacher Program & Renewal (PowerPoint Presentation) 

Master Teacher Program Scoring Sample (Word Doc)


Master Teacher Designation Documents:

A – Master Teacher Definition and Criteria (PDF) 
B – Master Teacher Processes and Procedures (PDF)
C – Master Teacher Application (PDF)
D – Master Teacher Scoring Guide (PDF)
F – Master Teacher Candidate's Score Report (PDF)
G – Master Teacher Recommendation Form (PDF)
H – Candidate's Checklist for Submission of Materials (PDF)
J – Master Teacher Writing/Evidence Guidelines (PDF)
K – Master Teacher Examples of Evidence (PDF)
L – One-Page Version of Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession (PDF)
M – Master Teacher At a Glance (PDF) (program requirements)

Master Teacher Renewal Documents (PDF):

Form R - Master Teacher Renewal Overview (PDF)
Form S - Master Teacher Renewal Processes and Procedures (PDF)
Form T - Master Teacher Renewal Application (PDF)
Form U - Master Teacher Renewal Evidence Cover Page (PDF)
Form V - Master Teacher Renewal Score Report (PDF)
Form W - Master Teacher Renewal Checklist (PDF)
Form X - Master Teacher Renewal Evidence Explanation (PDF)

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Ohio Senate Bill 2 directed the Educator Standards Board (ESB) to define a master teacher in a manner that can be used uniformly by all districts and to adopt criteria to use in determining whether a person is a master teacher.

Under SB 2, school districts must report the number of master teachers they employ into the education management information system (EMIS) beginning in fall 2008. The Ohio Department of Education is required to include the number of master teachers employed by each district on the district’s and building’s local report cards.

The following are excerpts taken from the December 2008 article entitled, "Making Master Teacher Work for You" in Ohio Schools.

"Master Teacher designation is awarded based on evidence of exemplary levels of practice in four of five criteria aligned with Ohio's Educator Standards: Consistent Leadership, Focused Collaboration, Distinguished Teaching (two criteria - focus on students and environment and focus on content, instruction and assessment) and Continued Professional Development. The Master Teacher Program is intended to be a piece of a well-aligned system for professional growth for Ohio educators based on high standards and quality professional development."

"The reflective analysis required to created the Master Teacher evidence portfolio is similar to National Board Certification procedures. The application process provides teachers opportunities to analyze their professional work both in and out of the classroom and determine their impact on the school community and their students."

"As they engage in writing application narratives and selecting evidence to support their descriptions of exemplary practice, educators are identifying their own best practices as well as areas for growth that can be incorporated into their Individual Professional Development Plans to map future professional learning. Regardless of whether or not a teacher earns the designation, the reflective process itself is a valuable professional development activity that results in new understandings about teaching practices."

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