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Weather Delay & Closing Procedures

Weather Delay / Closure Procedures



Determination of Delay or Closure

  • The day/evening before a weather event is predicted…

    • Mrs. McCoy will monitor weather activity on Cincinnati news channels and weather apps.

    • If the predicted weather event could impact a safe commute, Mrs. McCoy will evaluate the possibility of delaying or closing school.

  • The morning of the weather event…

    • Mrs. McCoy will drive our roads and have other staff report as to the road conditions.

    • Mrs. McCoy will communicate with other local Superintendents and Southern State Community College to discuss road and weather conditions in their districts. 

Communication of Delay or Closure

  • If a school delay or closure is warranted, the following times will be met for making the call:

    • 5:00am will be our goal to make the call about a delay or closure.

    • 5:30am will be the hard deadline for making the call. 

NOTE: If we begin on a delay, and it is determined that we should then close, the announcement/communication will be made no later than 7am

  • If the decision is made to delay or close, the following communication will occur:

    • A district-wide call will be sent to all those on our call list.

    • A post will be made to the District’s Facebook page.

    • Cincinnati TV and local radio stations will be notified.

Guidelines - 2-hour Delay

  • Breakfast will not be served.
  • Morning preschool is canceled.
  • All school transportation is delayed

Guidelines - Cancellation

  • All school transportation is canceled.
  • ALL activities for the day, including practices, games and school functions, are also canceled. The only exception is if we are preparing for post season play.
  • Weekend activities will be monitored and the call will be made accordingly.

NOTE:  After 7 snow days, student/staff should follow the Remote Learning Plan

The number one goal is for a safe commute to school for our students and staff.

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