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School Picture Day is soon...........


School Picture Day is Tuesday, September 17th at 7:30 a.m. All high school students should plan to have their picture taken even if you are not purchasing pictures. 

SENIORS-  This is the picture that is used for the class composite that hangs by the Grandle Gymnasium. 

If you did not receive a picture packet please stop by the high school office to pick one up soon. 


Miss Gong's Physics class seeing how many rubberbands it takes to build up enough pressure in a watermelon to cause it to explode.  The answer.........760!





Counseling and Prevention Services at Fairfield High School

 We are pleased to announce that Fairfield High School will once again partner with the FRS Counseling Services to provide our students with the opportunity to receive counseling on a regular basis throughout the school year. FRS Counseling serviced Fairfield High School last year and many students and families were able to take advantage of their services.

We are also pleased to announce that the Scioto-Paint Valley Mental Health Center will partner with Fairfield High School and provide Drug Prevention Education to all freshmen students during the 2018-2019 school year. Drug use in America has become a national crisis and we want to educate our students concerning this issue and provide preventative education to combat this issue.

We would like to thank both of these agencies for their time and commitment to Fairfield High School.



Ohio’s Options for a High School Diploma
The transition to multiple options for earning a high school diploma is an exciting one for students who will have more flexibility for success in school and preparing for their future after high school. The department is providing the following tools to communicate effectively these options.

Below is an informative video outlining the options. 

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