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Ohio AIR Assessment for Students and Families

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Tenative Ohio AIR Assessment Dates

Ohio Writing Pilot Grades 4-10

October 10th through October 21st

3rd Grade Fall ELA

November 8th and 9th

Algebra I/Geometry Fall Makeup

December 6th 

English I and II Fall Makeup

December 7th

3rd Grade Spring ELA (VanWinkle)

March 28th and 29th

3rd Grade Spring ELA (Cox)

March 30th and 31st
English II Spring 

March 29th 

English I Spring 

March 30th 

8th Grade Spring ELA

March 31st 

7th Grade Spring ELA

April 3rd

6th Grade Spring ELA

April 5th

5th Grade Spring ELA

April 4th

4th Grade Spring ELA

April 5th and 6th


Algebra I Spring

April 24th 

Geometry Spring

April 25th 

8th Grade Spring MATH

April 26th 

7th Grade Spring MATH

April 27th 

6th Grade Spring MATH

April 28th

5th Grade Spring MATH

May 1st 

4th Grade Spring MATH

May 2nd and 3rd

6th Grade Spring SOCIAL STUDIES 

May 2nd 

American Studies Spring

May 4th 

3rd Grade Spring MATH

May 4th and 5th

Government Spring

May 5th 

4th Grade Spring Social Studies

May 9th and 10th

Biology Spring

May 9th 

5th Grade Spring Science

May 8th

8th Grade Spring Science

May 10th 


Mrs. Streber
Curriculum Director