Blackboard - Students

BLACKBOARD - Calamity Day Assignments

Blackboard essentially allows Fairfield students to attend class from home. 
For each of the 3 calamity days (beyond our state-allowed 5), students are
required to log on to their Blackboard accounts and complete assignments
for each class they are currently enrolled in.

Students have 2 weeks to complete the assignments. These graded assignments will reflect in the students’ grade reports.

To Login-in to BLACKBOARD:

Username: ff_f[graduation year][lastname][firstinitial]      

Example: Jane Doe (graduates in 2016)     ff_f16doej

Password:  your lunchroom account #

Once logged in, you should see all of your classes to the right under "My Classes"


Calamity Days:

You should see three calamity day assignments for each class. If you don’t you may mention it to that teacher. It is possible they have them hidden until the assignment is needed. After we have used five calamity days as a district, the next three can be made up using the three calamity day assignments in Blackboard. (Potentially we could miss up to eight days without having to makeup a school day because you are making up those last three days by completing assignments given by your teachers.) You have two weeks after each of the 6th, 7th and 8th calamity days to turn in your work. This allows you to complete work at school or the public library if you don’t have access at home on the day(s) that we are off from school for calamity/snow days. You should complete these assignments at home if you have access, as time will not be dedicated during regular class time.

Mobile Blackboard:

Blackboard can be used on some mobile devices. Download the app for "Blackboard Mobile Learn"

Under "Search for your school" or "Find your school to get started" type in "South Central Ohio Computer Association" (Note: it will probably find it before you type in the entire name).

Type in your username and password (the same as given above). You can decide how secure your phone is in determining if you want it to remember your login info.

You should see a list of your classes when logged in.

Make sure to keep Blackboard updated on your mobile device for it to work properly.