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Our fifth graders are mastering the art of coding!Our fifth graders are mastering the art of coding!


Dear Parents,

For those of you who may not know, our class uses Learning.com for our keyboarding instruction and practice!  All of Learning.com’s content is delivered online through a secure login, so your student can access assignments from school, home or anywhere they have Internet access. It is also possible for us to send your student home with a printed version of our keyboard if you do not have access to the Internet or a keyboard.

Though students may be able to text and post on social media, many do not have the keyboarding skills for success in school and beyond. Touch typing allows students to write without thinking about how they are writing. Much like handwriting, this allows our students to focus on their ideas and what they are writing about instead of how they are writing it. By providing our students with proper keyboarding skills instruction, we are preparing them to share their ideas and knowledge through standardized assessments, class assignments and readying them for life beyond the classroom.

Please encourage your child to improve on what he/she has learned by reminding them to practice at home every week. The goal is for your student to learn the techniques for touch typing then improve their accuracy and finally their speed. If you would like details on how to access Learning.com’s keyboarding instruction and practice environment, please contact me. I wish your child the best of luck on his/her typing journey. Thank you!


Ms. T. Miller






















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